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Kevin Durant  is doing all he can to earn his first NBA MVP award, but LeBron James keeps getting in his way.Of course, it comes down to Durant vs. James. Isn’t that what always happens with the league MVP?Except usually, James wins out. Now though, it seems like Durant may have the best shot to finish the season as the league’s Most Valuable Player. And ultimately, it’s going to come down to the narrative.You know the narrative. It’s what determines our awards constantly.

Often, it leads us to the right decision. Sometimes, though, we end up with Derrick Rose as our MVP because we’re angry at a post-Decision LeBron or unable to conjure up an inspiring story for Dwight Howard.This year, we have two remarkably deserving MVP candidates. Really, neither pick is the wrong one. Choose James or Durant and you’re not going to look silly. At this point, though, with 14 games left for Durant and 16 for James, doesn’t it seem like KD owns the slight edge in public favor? And as long as he can hold on to that, he may be able to earn his first career MVP award.